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Bugs and audio reviews

2009-10-28 23:42:20 by ZefiroN

When will the NG team get off their asses and fix the "more best tracks" and "more latest submissions" buttons?

And when will they make audio reviews count for exp? I know this is primarely a flash site, but as the slogan says, it's "Everything, by everyone", and it's kinda irritating knowing that you won't get rewarded for writing semi-long audio reviews, when people get rewarded for writing one word reviews on flash.


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2009-10-29 02:18:26

you dont get exp for reviewing flash, you get viewed for voting on flash. the site looks better when it says "submission x has 1 million votes!". but yeah, i too wish reviews would count as EXP.

ZefiroN responds:

Forgot that it was the votes that counted for exp, but nevertheless, it should have been equal for flash and audio


2009-11-21 13:24:42

Doh newgrounds' no good.

ZefiroN responds:

No shit, but I love it anyways. :)


2013-09-05 07:16:41

u are the best!!!!!

ZefiroN responds:

No sir, I am surely not THE best. Thanks though :)