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Bugs and audio reviews

2009-10-28 23:42:20 by ZefiroN

When will the NG team get off their asses and fix the "more best tracks" and "more latest submissions" buttons?

And when will they make audio reviews count for exp? I know this is primarely a flash site, but as the slogan says, it's "Everything, by everyone", and it's kinda irritating knowing that you won't get rewarded for writing semi-long audio reviews, when people get rewarded for writing one word reviews on flash.


2009-06-24 23:17:06 by ZefiroN

That is all.

Seems like I have just gotten zero bombed on all my tracks. That's just great.

Update yo

2009-03-17 19:28:44 by ZefiroN

"Vengeance" uploaded, a old track I just finished.

The rock beat I made has been finished, and rap vocals have been recorded, I'm very eager to find out how that's gonna turn out.

My moonlight track has been used in "Purger"'s youtube vid: Woodhunters 2
You can watch it here: v7F4&feature=channel_page


New track out now!

2009-01-23 16:13:38 by ZefiroN

Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Ultima Remix) is my new submission. It has some rockin vocals from one of Sweden's best artists, and it's also a remix of the Mirror's Edge theme.